― About Us ―

We immigrated from Israel 6 years ago, 2011, and we missed the taste and flavor from home. we wanted to share the Israeli cafe experience with the Filipino people. from a premium cappuccino, rich desserts and exciting breakfast, set inside a timeless environment.

Our Story

Welcome to Chaplin.

Chaplin is a contemporary café that’s designed for Manila’s dynamic lifestyle

Our cuisine is Continental Cuisine with a hint of Middle-Eastern flair and anchored on fresh, whole and real food. Everything is almost made from scratch of the highest quality ingredients. We are extremely proud of our salads. Our Feta Salad is a must try… It’s simple breaded feta cheese with fresh greens and Greek vinaigrette base dressing will surely make an impression. The Shakshouka is one of our flagship dishes, served in a skillet filled with a medley of tomatoes, peppers, onions and a myriad of spices topped with poached eggs and accompanied with a freshly baked Ciabatta.

The Bourekas is another crowd favorite. It looks like an open-faced croissant sandwich filled with tomatoes, eggs and freshly made pesto. The simplicity in the ingredients provides such an impactful flavor combination. Our breads and pastries are all baked fresh daily in the store. The aroma in the morning is enough to wake anyone up with a giant smile. For those looking for something a little bit closer to home. Our Chicken Steak is a sure fire hit. This savory and juicy dish is packed with flavor. You may choose to have it either with mashed potatoes, fries or rice and served with a side salad.

Chaplin’s ambience is outlined with comfortable tufted sofas and wide-hug-me- bucket lounge seats. Guests literally stay there and work, eat and drink all day long. The vibe is a cross between a hotel lounge and a swanky bar.

Come visit us and see for yourself, we’re located at the breezy Roof Deck of Century City Mall, Makati City.

We are open Monday to Sunday from 7:00 AM to 1:00AM.
Morning, noon and night, we have you covered.

Chaplin Dining
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  • Shakshouka

    Classic Israeli Breakfast. Tomato Sauce Cooked with 2 Eggs, Black Olives, Eggplants, Feta Cheese & Herbs. Served with Challa Bread

  • Chaplin Breakfast

    8 Dips, Chopped Salad, Two Eggs and Style, Our home baked bread and coffee of your choice

  • American Breakfast

    With Bacon, Chicken sausage, Two eggs any Style & Cheesy bread

  • Filipino Breakfast

    US Beef short plate tapa, Garlic rice, Two eggs any Style & coffee of your choice

  • Italian Bruschetta

    Home baked bread with Cream cheese, Smoked Salmon topped with Two eggs

  • Bourekas

    Croissant sandwich filled with cream cheese, Boiled egg, Tomatoes & pesto

  • Coffee & Croissant

    Our Fine Coffee with Chocolate Croissant. *15 Minutes Baking

  • Waffle Benedict

    Belgian waffle with Poached eggs, Bacon & Hollandaise sauce

  • Waffle Fruit

    Belgian waffle with seasonal fruit topped with whipped cream

  • Musley

    A bowl of muesli with greek yogurt, Fresh & dried fruits, Honey & pureed strawberry



    Perfect with Beer

  • Falafel

    Israeli Flag Dish. 6 Deep Fried Balls Made of Chickpeas & Mixed Veggies. Served with Tahini, Baba Ganush, Fried Green Chilly & Laffa Bread

  • Croquettes

    Breaded mashed potato balls stuffed With mozzarella cheese served With garlic aioli

  • Mozzarella Sticks

    Breaded Mozzarella, Served with Chipotle sauce

  • Spicy Chicken Wings

    Deep fried chicken wings tossed with homemade spicy sauce, Served with garlic & Sour cream chives

  • Fried Calamari

    Breaded squid rings with garlic Aioli

  • Beef Salpicao

    Sizzling beef tenderloin with minced garlic & Mushrooms


    Perfect with Wine

  • Grilled Eggplant

    Grilled eggplant drizzled with tahini sauce sprinkled with pistachio

  • Tomato Feta Salad

    Tomatoes & Cherry tomatoes with walnuts, Feta cheese, Chili pepper & Pomegranate syrup

  • Chicken Liver Bruschetta

    Chicken liver pate with red wine, GArlic butter & mint jelly on toasted crostini

  • Melon Beef Pastrami Balls

    Fresh melon balls with pastrami strips & Hollandaise sauce

  • Mackerel Ceviche

    With avocado slices, Cherry Tomatoes, Radish, Herbs & Lime

  • Chicken Satay

    Marinated Chicken grilled to perfection with Grilled vegetables



  • Truffle Mushroom Fettuccine

    Sauteed onion and mushrooms, Deglazed in white wine with Truffle paste

  • Moussaka

    Mediterranean Lasagna layered with Zucchini, Potato, Eggplant, Ground beef, Tomato sauce & Greek Bechamel

  • Vegetable Primavera

    Burning hot skillet with zucchini, Carrots, Potato, Onions & Tomato sauce

  • Schnitzel

    Deep fried breaded chicken breast, Served with cheese sauce & Side dish of your choice

  • Chicken Steak

    Grilled marinated chicken thigh fillet, Served with side dish of your choice

  • Chicken Shishlik

    Grilled chicken steak marinated with cinemon and paprika served with Majjadara (Mediterranean Rice) Tahini & Amchur

  • Beef Kebab

    Grilled seasoned beef kebab served with a turkish salad (Made of burend vegetables) Pomegranate Syrup & Tahini

  • Shrimp Shawarwa

    Sauteed ground beef chicken & Shrimp on lafa bread with Tahini & Amchur sauce, Israeli style

  • Chaplin's Burger

    Us beef cut made up with 30% fat. With mushrooms. Mozzarella cheese Bacon. Caramelized onion bbq Mayonnaise served with a side dish of your choice

  • Baby Pork Ribs

    500 g' slow cooked us pork back ribs. Seasoned with home made bbq sauce For 24 hours. Served with israelw Coleslaw salad and burned corn

  • US Beef Tenderloin Steak

    Grilled & seasoned tenderloin. Served with mashed potato. Buffered veggies & pepper corn sauce

  • Fish & Chips

    Deep fried beer battered fish fillet with caper lemon butter sauce

  • Salmon Fillet

    Herb crusted baked salmon. Topped with mustard garlic cream sauce. Mashed potato & steamed vegetables

  • Snapper Fettuccine

    Seasoned grilled whole fish sits on fettuccine deglazed with white wine, arugula. Cauliflower, onion. Watercress. Tomato & feta cheese

  • Side Dishes

    - Fries
    - Potato Wedges
    - Mashed Potato
    - Steamed Vegetables


  • Lahama Ba'ajin

    Turkish pastry. Filled with pesto, ground beef. Tomato, onion. Spinach & tahini

  • Shakshouka Pizza

    With red bell pepper. Onion. Mozzarella, pesto & two eggs

  • Four Cheese Pizza

    With rich creamy garlic base, topped with feta mozzarella, creamchees & parmigiano reggiano

  • Over Loaded Pizza

    With hungarian sausage. Ground beef pulled pork, mozzarella & jalapeno

  • Bavarian-Cream

    Our homemade french bavarian cream with Our chef's touch, Served with Pretzel covered with Chocolate

  • Crumble Cheesecake

    The only real cheesecake in makati, Served with Whipped cream

  • Lava Cake

    Rich Suiss chocolate filling melting on your plate, Served with Vanilla ice cream

  • 3 Layer Chocolate Mousse with Coffee

    Our famous 3 Layer chocolate mousse with a warm cup of Cappuccino to get the best moment of the day

  • Shalom-Shalom

    Israeli version of Halo-halo, With black sesame ice cream, Poached pear in Red wine, Amaretto, Vanilla soup and Chocolate cake base



    Cold Drinks

  • Ice Coffee

  • Ice / Crushed Chocolate

  • Sunset Meltdown

    Hand shaken espresso, Vanilla cream & Ice, Topped with Vanilla ice cream & Caramel sauce

  • Chap Frap

    *Vanilla *Caramel *Mocha

  • Milkshake

    *Xtra vanilla *Chocolate *Vanilla cookie *Strawberry *Mango

  • House Blend

    *Passionfruit Lemonade *Crushed Lemongrass *Strawberry mint

  • Fresh Juice






  • Fruit Shakes

    *Pineapple *Strawberry *Mango *Watermelon


    Hot Drinks

  • Chaplin's Tea

    Honey, Ginger orange slice, Cinnamon, Stick & Fresh leaves from our backyard

  • Hot Tea

    *Premium Oolong *Green tea *English breakfast *Chamomill

  • Espresso

  • Turkish Coffee

    Israeli-Turkish Mud

  • Cappuccino

  • Americano

  • Latte

  • Macchiato

  • Flat White

  • Mocha

  • Mocachino

  • Hot Chocolate



  • Mother of Dragon

    Dragon Fruit, Bombay Sapphire, Black raspberry juice & Fresh Lemon

  • Shata' Margarita

    Herbs mixture, Green chili pepper, Jose cuervo, Cointreau, Almond syrup & Fresh Lime

  • Israeli Mud

    Cardamom Syrup, Kahlua, Vanilla vodka, Oreo breaks & Black sesame cream

  • Exoticana

    Vanilla vodka, Malibu, Cranberry juice, Fresh pineapple & Sugar powder.

  • Sicilian Iced Tea

    Crushed cucumber, Campari, Aperol, Lemon bitter, Simple Syrup & Tonic

  • White Sangeria

    Guava, Strawberry & Vanilla homemade Syrup with White wine & Cava brut

  • Mojito Tel-Aviv

    Oaked rum, Galliano, Mint, Fresh lime and Elder flower cream




― Contact us ―

Contact Details

Head office: Unit 2B, Blue Sapphire Residences, 30th Street, Corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact #: 823 13 02

Email: info@chaplin.ph

Branch: Level 4, Roof Deck, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue Cor. Salamanca Street, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City

Contact #: (02) 946 5335

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday 7:00 AM – 1:00 AM